ScreenSaver programs

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OK then just a few programs concerning screensavers

All the following programs are freeware just click on the program name to download.

SaverForge (1.42mb) Version 1.1.2
Create and distribute your own slideshow screensavers (Now fully XP compatible).

SSControl (484kb) Version 2.0.4
Easily control your screensaver settings from the system tray (And also delete those that didn't come with an uninstall program)

PhotoSaver (580kb) Version 2.0.4
Use any directory on your hard drive as a slideshow screensaver (Installs as a screensaver - use the screensaver settings to select the directory and options).  (Now fully XP compatible).
A great resource for completely free screensavers (Great site which has the same view of freeware as I do - no nags, no time outs, no disabled functions, no pop ups, no AdWare, no SpyWare, no hassles)